Here at natural farms we have long held the belief that to deliver the best tasting meat, you need to pay attention to the way animals are raised, butchered and cooked.

There are some substantial differences between the meat we supply and that you can conventionally buy. To find out more on our particular meats, use the links from the produce menu above for pages which will tell you about our beef, pork, lamb and poultry and pies.

Significantly we have a commitment to traceability, welfare and quality. Our traceability programme has been in place since the early nineties ensuring its provenance is certified.

We select our livestock from the best local producers and then slaughter them locally and butcher them at our premises. Our meat is hung traditionally. We believe the proper hanging of meat to be important to the achievement of flavour and tenderness.

Our butchers, working under our master butcher, then cut the meat to our clients requirements.