Our farms

We source our carcuss meat from a number of farms including:

Castle Farm, Shoreham, Kent

Castle Farm is a busy, working farm of 1100 acres managed by the Alexander family, located in north Kent only 20 miles from central London. The farm has crops of wheat, barley, rapeseed, hops, apples, lavender and a large herd of beef cattle.

Castle Farm specialises in traditional breeds of cattle including Sussex, Lincoln Red, Welsh Black and Aberdeen Angus.

You can read more about Castle Farm at www.hopshop.co.uk

Montague Farm, Pevensey, East Sussex

Family run Montague Farm and Nature Reserve is situated at Hankham on the western edge of the Pevensey Levels, running southwards from the Pevensey Castle, across extensive grazing marshes to outcropping Tunbridge Wells sandstone. The estate covers over 1000 acres of permanent grass, some of it designated Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and is a wetland of international importance.

The grass only, beef and lamb production systems sit within a land use context entirely ruled by the wildlife and seasonability of the wetlands and herb rich, orchid filled meadows.

Restoration of the wetlands has bought in large flocks of wintering wildfowl and wading birds, numbering many thousands, as well as many nesting and migratory birds.

A backdrop of the South Downs and the sea rounds off this wonderful setting - providing a superb home for the sheep and cattle.

Holmes Farm, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex

Holmes Farm has been run by the Smith family for generations.

The grass fed cattle are predominatly Sussex and Aberdeen Angus breeds. The free-range cattle graze large open fields on the Sussex downs.